The Solution


As business begin to reopen, while the threat of Covid-19 is still present, disease spreading experts advise to be cautious and follow social distancing measures in restaurants and bars. This implies a change of habits for both staff and customers.

It is in this context that the Stick’Eat solution was born in order to provide an urgent solution to secure the consultation of menus in restaurants and bars and thus facilitate order taking.
How will be the restaurant or the bar of tomorrow ? In any case, according to us, it will be connected

The solution in brief

Headed into the search for solutions to help the global economy get back on track during the Covid-19 crisis, the Stick’Eat team imagined a concept allowing restaurateurs and managers of bars to resume their activity in the best conditions.
Discover a 100% Made In France 🇫🇷 solution to avoid contacts, thanks to which the card will be displayed directly on your customers’ phones.

Yesitis, already an expert in connected and connecting object solutions, has designed and manufactured its Stick’Eat solution to meet the challenges of its customers in catering.
True digital tool and easy to use, Stick’Eat allows you to easily offer your customers access to your menu in seconds on their phone.

There is no application to download, no manipulation to perform for your customers. This is the end of the menus that go from hand to hand. All your customers need to do is put their smartphone on the Stick’Eat sticker and they instantly receive your menu.

Just send a picture of your menu or a PDF file to our website. You can also send us your website’s url.
It’s simple isn’t it?

Let's go I order ...

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STEP 1. Register

Let’s meet on our online Store so you can register and discover Stick’Eat solution.

Click on the Shop tab on our web page to access to our sales area. Our solution is a dual technology sticker (QR-code + NFC – Fully secure) without any subscription costs (free provision of our hosting platform).

If you have metal tables, the NFC function of the sticker may not work, contact us to offer you a suitable solution.

📣 No application to download for your customers!

STEP 2.   Selection & Validation

Select the number of stickers (sold in lots of 50 stickers) you want to order for your business.

We recommend a minimum of two stickers per table. Also think of the storefront, the reception counter, the easels, etc.

You just have to validate the payment … It’s almost finished.

STEP 3.  Transmission

Send us your card or menu.

You will be offered a space to load your menu or the url of your website once the payment is complete.

STEP 4.  Reception

Receive your stickers directly in your business.

They are ready to be glued to your tables, easels, your storefront or your counter.
They will be configured to send customers to your menu.

That’s it ! You are ready to receive your customers in the best possible conditions!

How do we manufacture it ?

Discover a video presenting the production of Stick’Eat stickers.
Stickers designed & manufactured 100% Made In France.

We attach particular importance to mastering our value chain and collaborating with French companies.